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Remington Rifle Class Action Settlement


This class action lawsuit alleges that the "X-Mark Pro" trigger mechanism in some Remington firearms could have an excess amount of a bonding agent, which in turn could cause the weapon to fire without the trigger being pulled. Because some models have been recalled due to the potential of injury or death, if you own a Remington rifle you really should visit the website below to see if your rifle is affected - see the FAQ page for details:

Please visit the official class action website for more information:

Who is Eligible?

You may be eligible if you own:

You also may be eligible if you currently own, or previously owned, a Remington Model 700 or Model Seven rifle and you replaced the original trigger mechanism with an X-Mark Pro mechanism.

Potential Award

You may be entitled to have your trigger mechanism retrofitted with a new one at no cost, or receive a voucher code for Remington products, and/or be refunded the money you spent to replace your original trigger mechanism with an X-Mark Pro mechanism.

Proof of Purchase

Please see the claim form.

How to make a claim

Claim form:

Claim Deadline: 8/14/2018

The deadline will be posted at the claim website below. It will not be before July 1, 2017.

Other Information

Case name: Pollard v. Remington Arms Co., LLC, et al.

Final Hearing Date: 2/14/2017