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Beck's Beer Class Action Settlement


This class action lawsuit alleges that Anheuser-Busch marketed certain Beck's-branded beer products as being premium beer imported from Germany.

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Who is Eligible?

You may be eligible if you purchased bottles or cans of Beck's Beer in the United States for your own purposes (i.e. not for resale) between May 1, 2011 and June 23, 2015.

Potential Award

Awards will be in the form of a partial refund, based on the specific products you purchased. The reimbursement will be capped at different amounts ($50 or $12) based on whether or not you have proof of purchase.

Proof of Purchase

You must submit a receipt with the date of purchase in order to receive the higher reimbursement cap.

How to make a claim

Claim form:

Claim Deadline: 11/20/2015

Other Information

Case name: Marty v. Anheuser-Busch Companies, LLC

Final Hearing Date: 10/20/2015