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AZEK Decking Class Action Settlement


This class action settlement deals with claims that AZEK Decking was not as durable as was advertised by the company.

Please visit the official class action website for more information:

Who is Eligible?

Individuals who purchased and installed specific colors of AZEK Decking at their residence between August 2007 and December 31, 2012, and who still own the residence. Colors include Brownstone, Clay, Slate Gray, Ivory, White, Faen, Kona, Sedona, Tahoe, Acacia, Morado, and Redland Rose.

Potential Award

Up to 10% of the purchase prices (up to $2,000 per residential property). There are also reductions/set-offs so please see website for details.

Proof of Purchase

Proof of ownership of the property, photographs, and either proof of purchase documentation or a seller verification form.

How to make a claim

Claim form:

Claim Deadline: 4/17/2018

The deadline for submitting claims is 4/17/2018

Other Information

Case name: In re AZEK Building Products, Inc. Marketing and Sales Practices Litigation

Final Hearing Date: 2/20/2018